Fake it until you make it.

Tip of the day: Fake it until you make it.

This might sound like a cliche, and that’s why not many people try it, thinking it’s overrated, or are not enough patient to wait until they make it.

Let me tell you about my day before yesterday.

I was at work when I was overwhelmed with worry. My depression told me that nothing mattered and my anxiety told me I am at a dead end, and pretty much I have no way out of my head.

I messaged a friend, (we encourage each other) and told him, what I told him few days ago, it was something about that I do a lot of things to better myself but nothing’s worth it, and that nothing excites me anymore etc.
And he said, again, “You still don’t do things for yourself!”

But I do! I do things, I yelled at him and myself in my head with frustration. I clean the house, I make food, etc., I made a good schedule to do those things and I do it all like a robot… wait, what? I do everything like a robot, I make food so I get nutrition, I don’t particularly enjoy the making and the eating possess like I used to. (Used to love to eat and make all kind of food and veganize all sorts of dishes).

I am going to have Asian food today! I decided that day.
And I am going to make it from scratch, but wait, I have many expensive ingredients missing, like all kinds of bean pastes and such. I can’t afford that now.

I went to my favorite Chinese recipe website China Sichuan Food and picked some recipes and ideas, added some ideas from my head, that required me only to buy veggies and cornstarch.

Made best food ever in like… a year and a half, not only I enjoyed the process of making and eating it, but I manages to clean all the dishes while and after cooking which is a GREAT achievement for me!

So I made Chinese style veggie soup, fried rice with veggies, slightly spicy eggplants with green beans and pickled radishes AND had enough time to cut out parts of a dress I want to make!

Don’t think it started all smooth; that day when I came home I just wanted to lie down and fall asleep or as I call it to disconnect and go to another dimension. Earthly things were overwhelming. Then when I was almost about to do it, my cats knocked something off and it made a huge mess, so I put on rubber gloves cleaned it, also cleaned their litter box, put on shoes and went out to take the garbage, decided to stay with shoes on (it is a good trick that can help you somewhat and stop you from crawling back to bed).

I faked it at first and then I made it, I made it through that day! *icon with biceps goes here!* 😉



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